Introducing Sleepy Sleeves: Your Favorite New Travel Pillow!

Introducing Sleepy Sleeves: Your Favorite New Travel Pillow!

Travel is back.

If you’re like most people, you probably haven’t flown much in the last two years. Plans were ruined, trips were canceled, and airplanes were criss-crossing the skies with empty rows. In short, traveling took a hit.

But that’s all changing.

Although the coast still isn’t clear in terms of the pandemic, people are booking flights and heading to destinations both close and far. Suitcases are being packed, carryons being organized, and the familiar sense figuring out how much sleep will be possible on the trip is creeping back into everyone’s minds.

The dread of getting rest on a flight is as old as commercial flight itself, which is why travelers will buy anything in hopes of catching a few more “Zzzzs” while in the air.

Neck Pillows and Other Failed Sleep Accessories

In nearly every airport, you’re likely to see at least a dozen people dragging around a bulky neck pillow. Weary travelers will have these absurd accessories hanging off their suitcase, swaddled around their neck, or dangling from their arms, but never comfortably stowed in a suitcase of backpack.

How could they? They’re massive.

Apart from being a huge pain to lug around, the neck pillow fails miserably at its one job: helping travelers get those crucial moments of in-flight sleep.

Their failure at being a pillow has spawned plenty of spinoff contraptions that are either absurd or even more useless, but still people will buy them out of desperation. It’s a sad sad state for the travel accessory industry.

The Best Travel Pillow

Despite the millions of neck and travel pillows sold every year, and regardless of the thousands of positive reviews, we knew there was a better option for sleeping while on the go. Neck pillows and the bizarre substitutes have seen there day, but Sleepy Sleeves travel pillows are here to revolutionize comfort and sleep wherever you are.

Sleepy Sleeve Arm Pillow

There’s more than one way to rest while traveling, and a big problem with neck pillows is they don’t actually support your head as they should. So, some weary travelers choose the option of laying their heads on their folded arms.

That’s where the arm pillow comes in: instead of laying your head on bony arms or the hard plastic of a trey table, the Sleepy Sleeve Arm Pillow is equipped with an ultra comfortable memory foam pillow.

It’s light weight, easily portable (unlike the monstrous neck pillow), and perfect for travelers who need an affordable accessory that will provide that much needed rest.

Sleepy Sleeve Headband

You’ll hear it a lot from us because it’s necessary to say: Neck. Pillows. Don’t. Work!

While the Sleepy Sleeve Arm Band is for those who want lay their head on their arms, the Sleepy Sleeve Headband is for a different type of tired traveler.

For those who love the window seat, or sleeping on the shoulder of their partner, or who just need a soft surface in between their headrest, the Sleepy Sleeves Headband is the solution.

So if you are one of these types of sleepers, say goodbye to pillows falling between the seats, knots in your neck, and the frustration of crummy sleep while traveling.

Sleepy Sleeves Travel Pillows

Rest is one of the most important things the human body needs, and Sleepy Sleeves are here to revolutionize how you rest on the go. It’s a simple but effective solution, and the easiest and most affordable way to get those delightful Zzzzzs wherever you go!