Sleepy Sleeves vs Travel Pillows

Why Sleepy Sleeves are a great alternative to neck pillows and other bulky travel pillows:
  • Avoid Neck Pain

    Common neck pillows cause pain and discomfort. They're also bulky, expensive, and hard to pack.

  • Natural Resting Comfort

    Finally, cushion your head in a comfortable and natural position against the side of the plane, train, car, bus, or anywhere with the Sleepy Sleeves Headband Pillow!

  • Take Anywhere

    Discover our collection of slim and easy to pack pillows. Portable and perfect for those who are always on the go.

  • For Baby & Nursing Comfort

    Provide comfort for both baby and parent with our Arm Pillows. Moms and newborns love Sleepy Sleeves for comfortable nursing at home and on the road.